The Jolly Tracker Shocks Your Face Into Smiling

 - Dec 10, 2015
References: mckinney & gadgetmash
The Jolly Tracker is an innovative wearable device that is desiged to monitor how much you smile. Created by the McKinney ad agency, this ad cajoles you to smile by delivering electric shocks to your face.

Now this may seem like an odd way to get people smiling, but it appears that the threat of shock does in fact effectively encourage people to get their smile on.

The apparatus is surprisingly simple. It consists of five electrodes that are place on your face. Two of the electrodes monitor the movement of your muscles and two provide the shock effect. The entire system is hidden by a mask of fake snowy facial hair which perfectly fits in with the festive season.

The Jolly Tracker is a technological apparatus and publicity initiative that delivers an important message -- it's important to smile whenever you can.