John Poppleton Uses UV Painting to Make Surreal Night Scenes

 - Jun 2, 2014
References: 500px & neatorama
Utah's John Poppleton came up with an inventive idea back in 2010 -- use blacklight in his paintings to create fluorescent imagery. That in itself wasn't the inventive idea, it was the way he went about doing it. He used fluorescent paint to create scenes of the night sky and other night related imagery on the bodies of women, then in a dark room he would use the blacklight and photograph the images. What came of this experiment is nothing short of spectacular.

When photographing, the light source is as important as the subject being shot. With the blacklight, Poppleton uses an invisible light source to turn the subject itself into a light source. It's all a very meta way of saying he's creating living, breathing canvases.