These French Fries are Creatively Made Using Sliced Jicama

 - Sep 30, 2015
References: thekitchn & thekitchn
These innovative French fries sub out conventional potatoes for a Mexican turnip called Jicama for a much more refreshing and lighter taste and texture. These fries are also much healthier side to choose since they are not fired and are unconventionally served cold.

To make these faux fries begin by picking up some Jicama and peeling it like you would a carrot. Then the root vegetable is cut into matchsticks to resemble the shapes of French fries. The pieces can then be dressed in a variety of seasonings including fresh lime juice, dried dill and cayenne. The neutral taste of the Jicama allows it to be versatile and take on a variety of heavier tastes and standard fries dipping sauces such as grated cheese, mayo, ketchup and even chilis. If you can't find Jicama at your grocery store, you can sub in English cucumbers.