These Japanese Toys by Takara Tomy Are Sharks Dipped in Bread Crumbs

Takara Tomy is a manufacturer of Japanese toys that has come out with a line of plastic shark toys that have been made to look like they are covered in fried tempura.

The bizarre range of toys features six types of sharks coated in panko bread crumbs, including varieties like the Great White, Japanese Bullhead and Hammerhead. Despite being covered in bread crumbs, the shapes of these sharks are fairly recognizable. As well, the tails of the sharks are still visible, as if this is the part of the shark that was held as it was dipped into the batter. Although five sharks are identifiable, Takara Tomy included a sixth bread-coated shark that is an unidentified 'Secret Fried Shark' with a strange curly tail.

These strange Japanese toys were available at toy machines throughout Japan beginning in September.