This Ice Cream Cone Looks and Tastes Like a Japanese Sweet Potato

 - Oct 26, 2016
References: en.rocketnews24
The 'Annou Imo' is a premium Japanese sweet potato that's grown on the island of Tanegashima, which is recognized for its sweet flavor and distinctive appearance of purple-hued exterior flesh and an orange-hued interior. This root vegetable serves as the inspiration for the latest frozen dessert treat to be offered by Ministop convenience stores across Japan.

Sold in a decadent caramel-flavored waffle cone, the ice cream takes on the look of a purple sweet potato. The flavor of the Japanese sweet potato is also integrated into the soft-serve ice cream itself, alongside other rich textures such as crunchy caramel bits, a thick sauce topping and sea salt from Okinawa to replicate the salty outer skin of the potato.

In a twist to traditional dairy products, such as yogurts and ice cream, vegetables are being introduced to create savory-sweet flavor variations.