The Interview Germany September 2013 Editorial is Shockingly Animalistic

The Interview Germany September 2013 editorial let the cat out of the bag and created a stunning fall-inspired spread.

The backdrop for this shoot was in an eerie, old looking house. It was complete with wooden interior, dated furniture and cobwebs. The model was dressed in a variety of looks, including outerwear and lingerie. The clothes were also a mixture of fall's most important textures and it highlighted silk, leather and fur.

There was a creepy vibe to the shoot, and that was not only displayed in the background, but also in the look on the model's face. Her eyes were layered in black eyeliner and she made them unnaturally wide. The aspect that really tied the shoot together was the hairless cat. The look on the feline's face was horrifyingly evil, and it complemented the model perfectly.

This Interview Germany September 2013 editorial showed that it's okay to be a little crazy sometimes, as long as you are dressed impeccably and have a fierce evil cat with you.