Interconnection Light Projection Show by Limelight

 - Oct 13, 2016
References: facebook & archdaily
Limelight is an art collective that specializes in projections, and its new 'Interconnection' exhibition is the collective's biggest project yet. The installation projected a series of hypnotic graphics on the Parliament Building of Romania's facade for the iMapp Bucharest International Video Mapping Competition, where it won first prize.

The Romanian parliament building is the third largest in the world, with a 23,000 square meter surface. To cover this gargantuan area, Limelight used projection mapping, known as spatial augmented reality, allowing them to project immersive 3D videos across the complete structure.

The installation required the use of 104 synchronized video projectors bathing the entirety of the Parliament Building of Romania in over 1 million ANSI lumens. The patterns in the video projections include eerie techno images mixed with organic and biological motifs.