Longoland Toys Look Distorted and Freaky

 - Jan 5, 2009   Updated: Apr 6 2011
References: longoland.bigcartel & ohgizmo
I have heard of people who are born with their undeveloped sibling inside of them. A couple teeth. A tuft of hair. Perhaps something that resembles a finger. This is what I think of when I see the creations sold at Longoland. The site sells stuffed animals with weirdly placed teeth and odd, hard-to-explain features. Kind of cool.

Implications - Products like this have an offbeat and bizarre appeal that entices consumers who revel in things that stray outside the realm of the expected or the ordinary. By embracing a mischevious and macabre aesthetic that is playfully silly, sometimes companies can charm customers with their unusual but definitively unique creations.