From Dead Bird Baking to Bejeweled Animal Skeletons

 - Jun 22, 2012
There are few things more traumatic than a fresh slab of raccoon plastered across the road on your morning commute, but as the adage goes, one man's garbage is another man's treasure -- clearly shown in the following ridiculous roadkill inspirations.

In light of more violent nature of televised material, an example being the popular serial killer show Dexter, society seems to be infatuated with all things vulgar and disgusting. Similar to other grotesque, bloodied all-meat accessories, these vulgar happenings are paired often with fashion and food. To some, roadkill bottle sleeves or scrumptious squirrel sandwiches are not abominations, but rather, quirky novelties.

Alternatively, there are ways to put a positive spin on roadkill, as seen in some pet canine ad campaigns that use dead dog stickers on the road to scare drivers into taking better care of their pets. These are creations that most of the general public can actually stomach.