The PEP Expander

 - Jul 16, 2008
References: cgi.ebay & gizmodo
The fact that the PEP Expander, a sling-shot style penis enlarger, is sold on eBay is a little disturbing. Seven are available from the Hannover, Germany based seller who promises growth and better circulation. The PEP Penis Enlargement Pants fit inside every type of underwear and the seller says enlargement can take place anywhere, from work to leisure time to when you're playing sports. It enlarges and lengthens by way of a constant stretching mechanism and is being touted as the world's first and only penis enlarger that can be integrated comfortably into male underwear, with no risk of injury or known side effects. The seller likens it to women's bras, saying men will miss wearing their PEP as they become so accustomed to it.

Unless you live on another planet (just in case: Welcome! I mean no harm!) you know that every man and most every woman wishes that a larger, longer lizard was lurking, ready to leap into a libido driven lovecraft or landing strip. Legions of lovers will laugh at the simplicity which their launcher can make young ladies laugh like a lab on a lark. Please check with your lawyer before trying the layover.