The Inebriator Automatic Drink Mixer Can Make 15 Different Drinks

 - Sep 4, 2012
References: ohgizmo
The Inebriator automatic drink mixer will be the center of the party not only for the drinks it produces, but also for the novelty of of how it makes them. The device holds nine different types of alcohol and also has a fountain for other liquids like soda and juice. A conveyor belt moves the glass from side to side to make one of the 15 drinks that are programmed into the machine. An Arduino microcontroller is used to tell the Inebriator what your drink selection is.

While I'm sure the Inebriator would sell well, it is not even on sale right now. This is a one of a kind product. If you'd like one for yourself then you will have to commission one of your engineer friends to make it for you.