Take Your Drinks to the Next Level with the Vinturi Spirit Aerator

 - Aug 16, 2012
References: amazon & werd
Similar to aerating your wine, the Vinturi Spirit Aerator increases oxygen exposure to your stiff drinks. Whether you like brandy, whiskey or tequila, the clever device boosts the flavor of your favorite liquors.

The gadget features a built-in jigger where you pour your booze of choice into. Simply pull down on the trigger and allow the contraption to circulate air into your beverage, which pours smoothly into the glass below. Like a good bottle of merlot, pricey spirits gain an added flavor boost when exposed to air.

The stylish and chic Vinturi Spirit Aerator is a wonderful gift for the budding bartender in your life. Keep the good times going and the liquor flowing with this high-spirited gadget.