Known Supply's 'I Know Who Made This Shirt' Tee Features Signed Labels

 - Apr 26, 2018
References: knownsupply & bustle
To bring greater attention to the clothing manufacturing process, Known Supply has debuted a bold new shirt dubbed the 'I Know Who Made This Shirt' tee. Featuring hand-written labels inside, the new t-shirts bring greater awareness to the people behind each pieces of clothing.

The I Know Who Made This Shirt tee was originally created to help connect the buyer to the person who actually produced the piece of clothing. As Travis Hartanov, co-founder of Known Supply, explains, "As a culture we have prioritized cheap prices and fast trends over an awareness for how those goods were produced." Thus, Hartanov believes there is a need for consumers to pay greater attention to the human beings behind their clothes. To do so, the I Know Who Made This Shirt tee features the signature slogan on the front and a hand-written label inside that is signed by the maker of the shirt.

With the rise of slow fashion and the fair trade movement, the new shirt helps to bring awareness to an important ethical issue.

Image Credits: Known Supply.