THE FACE SHOP is Helping Consumers Dress Up Its Hoodie Ryan Cosmetic

As a continuation of its collaborative work with South Korean beauty brand THE FACE SHOP, Kakao Friends launched a fun cosmetic cushion compact that can be dressed up to resemble the Hoodie Ryan character.

THE FACE SHOP has previously launched limited-edition collections based on various pop culture characters, but THE FACE SHOP x Hoodie Ryan is entirely dedicated to the Kakao Friends character. The bear-shaped cushion compact can be dressed up with a blue hood and when the cosmetic runs low, it can be replenished with a replacement so that the collectible packaging will not be rendered useless once empty.

Some of the other items in the charming THE FACE SHOP x Hoodie Ryan collection include lip products, body lotions and makeup palettes, all of which prominently feature the bear's face.