The Low-Carb Nutella Stuffed Muffins Have Alternative Ingredients

 - Feb 8, 2017
Formulated to be homemade muffins that are a healthier option to traditional dessert options, the Low-Carb Nutella Stuffed Muffins are infused with a number of alternative ingredients.

The muffins have a texture that merges soft and chewy ingredients together in order to create something that is substantial enough to be served in place of traditional cakes and cupcakes.

The Low-Carb Nutella Stuffed Muffins are made using homemade sugar-free chocolate hazelnut spread as well as sugar-free chocolate chips. Each of the homemade muffins has a substantial level of protein and can be enjoyed as a snack or dessert. The incorporation of different textures and ingredients helps to make the muffins unlike what would traditionally be made possible in regular recipes.