Homegrown Organic Farms' Products are Convenient, Healthy and Full of Flavor

 - Feb 3, 2017
References: hgofarms
Homegrown Organic Farms, a brand that's based out of Porterville, California, offers a selection of freeze-dried fruit snacks.

Included are packs of perfectly crisp apples, flavorful blueberries and addictive grapes. For those who can't decide which to eat, there's also combination packs. To make its products, Homegrown Organic Farms starts with fresh organic fruit, which it washes and preps before it starts its freeze-drying process. Next, it places the fruit in a vacuum chamber that vaporizes ice at freezing point, which causes about 98% of the moisture from the fruit to be wicked out. Afterwards, the fruit is sealed in air-tight packaging so that it's quality is guaranteed to be long-lasting.

In addition to lasting up to 18 months on the shelf, Homegrown Organic Farms' products are easy to pack around and the fruit retains almost all of its nutrients, making it the perfect healthy snack for school and work lunches.