This Home Remodel is Inspired by Its Natural Surroundings

Schwartz and Architecture did an extensive home remodel to create the Shou Sugi Ban House located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The modern home that existed previously was substantially smaller and nothing out of the ordinary, however the additions made by the architecture firm render it a work of art. The home remodel included a two-storey addition that incorporates huge windows to allow sunlight in and provide an immaculate view of the forested landscape. A floating staircase makes it so that less space is lost and sunlight goes uninterrupted -- as it leaks through each stair and the slim design blocks the windows as little as possible. Even the kitchen is used to maximize light and place inhabitants in their natural surroundings by using cut-out counters that correspond with the windows that line the whole area. The house is covered in burnt wood siding, called Japanese Shou Sugi Ban.