Bubble's Hella is Made with Only Hazelnut, Coconut Sugar & Cacao

 - Apr 17, 2019
References: getintothebubble & livekindly.co
Bubble created its simple, three-ingredient hazelnut spread as an alternative to a popular product on the market. Its version of the chocolatey, nutty spread is vegan-friendly, preservative-free and as simple as it can be, since it is only made with all-organic hazelnuts, coconut sugar and cacao.

Due to the purity of the plant-based product, the brand notes that natural separation and sugar crystallization may occur but this can be remedied by stirring the spread before enjoying it. The versatile chocolate-hazelnut spread has the potential to be consumed in a number of ways, such as with fruits, over ice cream, in smoothies or hot beverages, or even enjoyed straight from a spoon.

As a whole, Bubble is on a mission to create a "health food paradise where the stale conventions of the old food system are not allowed and transparency is the holy grail."