The Hardened Leather Chair by Nikolaj Steenfatt Looks Very Organic

 - Feb 13, 2013
References: & contemporist
The Hardened Leather Chair looks like something that would reside in a log cabin, one in which an avid hunter keeps all of his prized kills in. Of course, the walls would be mounted with trophy heads while the floors and furniture would be covered in animal skins. In this case, hardened leather animal skin.

Created by Nikolaj Steenfatt, a designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Hardened Leather Chair was made using an old technique for hardening leather in a 100% natural way. Although this technique was often reserved for the fashioning of corsets and armours, it clearly fits in with furniture as well. A sort of self-supported upholstery, it gives the chair a ruggedly rich appeal.

Sponsored by Søren Leather, the Hardened Leather Chair uses a frame of light ash wood.