The Happy Meal Bundle Ad Shows the Healthy Value of a Kid’s Me

 - Oct 6, 2013
References: adsoftheworld
While a trip to McDonald’s may not seem like a healthy option to feed your kids, this Happy Meal Bundle Ad shows both parents and kids how choosing the right option at a fast food restaurant has nutritional value.

The advertising agency Leo Burnett hoped to influence parents to see McDonald’s in a different light and not just see it as a place that provides gross food, and a little blurb at the corner of ad explains that all five food groups are included in the pack. To appeal to a younger audience, the agency used toy-like figures to express what’s included in the Happy Meal. The printed advertisement has a sign that says, "How Does a Happy Meal Stack Up?" and the toys used are literally stacked up so people can visually see just how good a Happy Meal is.