The Hans Andersson Time Twister is a LEGO Made Minute Machine

 - Nov 1, 2011
References: tiltedtwister & technabob
The toys you once tampered with as a kid, building castles and blockades, are now components of something much more complicated like the Hans Andersson Time Twister, a clock made of LEGOs and logistics that will make both your head and the time spin.

The timepiece is powered by two LEGO Mindstorm NXT micro-computers that communicate via Bluetooth to tediously turn the white and black-colored blocks arranged in a fixed formation, to display the digits of hours and minutes. The clock is actually captivating to watch, as it moves so slowly and strategically, almost as though it's a robotic Rubik's Cube.

The Hans Andersson Time Twister is a great gadget watch tick-tock and an unproductive but playful way to pass the time.