Become a Memorable Guest of Honor (SPONSORED)

 - Apr 12, 2014
References: youtube & heinekenusa
It certainly does pay off when you say "Yes" to destiny, as a handful unsuspecting New Yorkers discovered last month at an immersive Heineken theater play. Peep the video above to watch how it all played out. However, making a memorable entrance is only one aspect of being the Guest of Honor. Just as important as making a lasting first impression, proper etiquette is needed to work a room and gain the favor of the crowd. Use these tips for polite and proper etiquette that will reinforce your status as the Guest of Honor.

Working the Guests
As the Guest of Honor, it's important to make those at the event feel welcomed, even though you aren't the host. It might seem to go without saying, but remembering people's names is a great way to make people feel like you genuinely care about getting to know them. This is easier said than done, especially for a social butterfly like yourself who's always meeting new people. There's no shame in doing a quick, "Before I hit the bar, remind me of your name again? And can I grab you a beer?" Then make sure to remember their name the second time around.

Look for opportunities to connect people you've just met with other new friends in the room. If you find out that your new acquaintance Ashley works in particle physics, and Deb just started her PhD in the subject, you can get away with a cheeky, "Oh you have to meet my dear friend Ashley!" even though you've just met her. This light-hearted self-deprecation is very charming, and the other guests will be grateful for your social finesse.

Refine Your Table Manners
Unlike eating out with friends at a late-night shawarma stand, dining etiquette is more refined. Basic etiquette rules apply (napkin in your lap, using the right cutlery for the right dish, etc.) Guests of Honor can take it to the next level by serving their neighbors and offering to reach for things you anticipate they may want. Be proactive about pouring drinks and helping the host out with any spills or unforeseen accidents.

If you’re not eating at a table, but instead just ordering appetizers at the bar, make sure everyone in your group gets served, and offer to order more snacks if you think there might not be enough to go around. Also, take special care not to pig out, even if there’s plenty left over.

Building on the previous tips, you are now even better equipped to take on the role of Guest of Honor. Stay tuned for the finale in this series, presented by Heineken.