These Groundhog Day Cupcake Push Pops Are Playful and Tasty

Groundhog Day may not be a holiday you look forward to, but these adorable Groundhog Day Cupcake Push Pops may change your mind about February 2nd. Crafted by the clever blogger Trisha from the delicious blog Sweetology. Simple to assemble and fun to eat, these Groundhog Day Cupcake Push Pops might just make you wish it could be Groundhog Day everyday, but in that annoying way that almost drove Bill Murray over the edge.

These Groundhog Day Cupcake Push Pops are comprised of multiple delicious parts. The chocolaty groundhog is comprised of a petite Snickers bar, a few mini M&Ms, a piece of Starburst and a few pieces of strategically placed white fondant. The tempting chocolate coated creature is then nestled into a mini chocolate cupcakes in a push pop container. The push pop is then frosted with vanilla buttercream and then you may make the delicious groundhog pop in out of this hole to your heart's content.

Fun, playful and decadent, these Groundhog Day Push Cupcake Pops will make this no-nothing holiday a touch sweeter.