These Frito Caramel Cupcakes are the Ideal Salty Sweet Treat

The joyful blog Diary of a Mad Hausfrau recently unveiled these decadent Frito Caramel Cupcakes. These tasty cups of cake combine the awesome powers of sweet and savory to create an over-the-top naughty treat. Though they may be a touch unusual, these tasty cakes will silence any doubts with just one bite.

These Frito Caramel Cupcakes started out innocently enough as pedestrian vanilla cupcakes. They were then injected with a smooth caramel sauce, topped with a swirl of caramel buttercream, garnished by a sprinkling of Frito crumbs, and then finally crowned with an intact Frito and a final drizzling of caramel sauce. The perfect amalgamation of all the naughty things your body in spite of itself craves, these Frito Caramel Cupcakes are seriously indulgent.

Sure to have rolling up your sleeves to make a batch of your own in no time flat, these Frito Caramel Cupcakes are alluring.