These Cupcake Push Pops Are Mess Free Way to Enjoy Your Favorite Treat

The Texas-based bakery Oh La La Sweets created these tasty and convenient Cupcake Push Pops for your eating pleasure. Available in any flavor your heart desires, these two-tiered tubed cakes are sure to change any pout into a beaming smile. The ingenious design of this no fuss, sturdy packaging allows you to enjoy each nibble of cupcake bliss without any of the sticky mess.

Simply push the stem of the Cupcake Push Pop to free up more of your tasty treat to relish. Labeled with a smartly sweet sticker carrying the Oh La La Sweet insignia, these cute cakes are as attractive in the push pops as they are out. The perfect gift for the cupcake lover in your life, these Cupcake Push Pops are a great way to enjoy the classic confection.

An innovative and fun way to enjoy a favorite dessert, these Cupcake Push Pops are a cute and creative way to get your cupcake fix.