Schweppes Sensation Campaign

Sex sells big time and I think we all know that by now. Even non-alcoholic beverage companies like Schweppes are using the marketing technique, but often not without criticism.

about the supposedly unnecessary, gratuitous and sensationalistic sex-laden Schweppes "Sensation" TV ads coming out of France.

"I'm not sure how something this colourfully awesome could be so weirdly bad," Shapeandcolor ranted. "Drop a tab and let its technotronic waves of babealicious lust slowly wash over your genitals:Plus, I'm endlessly intrigued by how the French will use lesbionic powersex to sell pretty much anything. My favourite part is when the twins rub the bright yellow strawberry between their cheeks," they bark.

I read all this, without seeing the 31 second video, and I said to myself, "Unbunch your panties and calm down. It can't be that bad". Well, turns out, they have a point. This is one of those over-the-top commercials that leaves some folks scratching their heads. I mean, its just a bubbly beverage!