Track Developments in Street Art That Capture Attention from Businesses

 - Mar 21, 2012
References: trendreports
Once outlawed and frowned upon by society, graffiti is now a celebrated and refined art form that has gained a worldwide following. It's used by global companies like Nike and Facebook as a way to represent contemporary culture and to keep up with the evolving preferences and tastes of consumers. Use the Graffiti Trend Report and its hundreds of market research examples, as well as 127 PRO Trends, to better understand this flourishing form of artistic expression.

Born in the inner cities as a by-product of hip-hop culture, modern street art has grown as a movement, and is now featured in some of the world's most prestigious art galleries. Not only that, it's now used in advertising, marketing, branding and promotional campaigns by some of the world's leading companies. Also, while street art continues to evolve and instigate change in different sectors, it's important for businesses to track these emerging patterns in order to stay ahead of the curve and competition.