Gooey Louie is a Gross-Out Board Game Designed for Family Fun

 - Apr 13, 2019
Gooey Louie is a hilarious gross-out board game that is sure to reinvent the standard family game night. The game features a "Gooey Louie" head, into which players set up 12 "gooeys" (fake boogers), a "jumping brain" and one die. Based on the roll of the die, players are required to pull out a gooey. If a player pulls out the wrong gooey, Louie will "flip his lid," and his brain will come jumping out of the head figure.

Designed to help cultivate fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in young children, the game is to be played with two or more people, aged four or older.

The Gooey Louie board game is made by Goliath Games, who also produced 'Who Tooted' and 'Doggie Doo,' two other gross-out family games that are sure to have the whole family giggling.