- Apr 20, 2019
Celebratory doll tours and education-focused products are two of the most dominant categories in the April 2019 toys round-up.

Many parents and caretakers are becoming fixated on motivating children to engage with technology and science from an early age. This education-forward approach to playtime does not only have the ability to spike curiosity but it also surely has immense implications for the future cognitive development of the child. PlaySchifu, for example, launches an interactive AR STEM Kit that engages with interesting information and fascinates through augmented reality. Recognizing this focus on STEM for toys, Amazon launches a STEM Club toy subscription as well.

The April 2019 toys also exhibit Mattel's celebration of Barbie who hit 60 in March, as well as the company's release of BTS-inspired dolls.

From App-Connected AR STEM Kits to Interactive Audio Toys: