Watusee Foods' Gluten-Free Breadcrumbs are an Alternative to Panko

 - Jul 5, 2017
References: watuseefoods
Although there are many gluten-free breadcrumb products on the market that can be used as satisfying alternatives to Panko crumbs, Watusee Foods makes a protein-rich alternative with a base of chickpeas.

The one-ingredient organic chickpea-based "breadcrumbs" are said to be a suitable replacement for any recipe that calls for the crunch of breadcrumbs, as the crumbs boast the same ability to bake and create breaded coatings on foods. With five grams of fiber and six grams of protein, Chickpea Crumbs are noted to be a "better-for-you" alternative by the brand.

Health-conscious consumers who are seeking out flavorful substitutes—based on dietary restrictions or preferences—are turning to simple, all-natural one-ingredient replacements. Like these Chickpea Crumbs, another prime example of this is cauliflower rice, which can be used as a gluten-free, plant-based alternative to grains.