Too Faced's 'Glitter Pop Peel Off Eyeliner' Keeps Sparkles in Place

 - Sep 26, 2017
References: toofaced & teenvogue
Beauty brand Too Faced recently unveiled a product that's reportedly been in development for years, its ''Glitter Pop Peel Off Eyeliner.'

Available in a slew of bright colorways, consumers can pick up the dazzling eyeliners in a bright aqua blue, baby pink, dark magenta, silver, and gold. Although there's plenty of glittery eyeliners already on the market, Too Faced's new version stands out for its ability to peel off once one is ready to get rid of it -- ensuring that sparkles don't end up all over the face. As the product comes off in one smooth action, no residue is left behind. In addition, this sturdy finish makes it easy to apply multiple eyeliners for a unique look, as Too Faced's version won't smudge.