These Giant Balls Float Down the River to Promote London's New Lotto

These six 'Giant Balls' float down the River Thames to promote the launch of 'New Lotto,' with a £10 million pound jackpot and 1,000 people guaranteed to win £20,000 each. The prospect of big winnings calls for an equally big announcement and this installation certainly gets this message across loud and clear.

Each gigantic ball would be extremely hard to miss. Aside from being lit up and brightly colored, these giant lottery balls are roughly the size of two double decker buses. The gigantic installation took 30 people and over 1,000 hours to put together and require two tug boats to take them down the river at night.

The lotto promotion is being promoted by the hashtag 'giantballs,' which is a humorous way to capture the attention of Londoners on social media, if they haven't already seen these giant lotto balls in person first.