The All-Natural Essfertige Erdäapfel German Potatoes are Peeled and Steamed

 - Jun 30, 2015
The fresh packaging design for these German potatoes reflects the natural produce within. Designed by Naples, Italy-based graphic designer Fabrizio de Masi, the Essfertige Erdäpfel brand potatoes come in a white sealed bag, already peeled and steamed. So if you are planning on making mashed potatoes but want to cut out a few steps, these 100% natural German potatoes are the way to go.

The Erdäpfel packs come in a few different varieties, all of which are clearly rich in vitamins and minerals. The packaging showcases the whole potatoes on a white field with either green or orangey yellow details with a youthful zigzag-like pattern.

This is a welcome change from the standard brown paper bag packaging one often sees with potatoes.