At Genuine Liquorette, Patrons and Bartenders Co-Create Drinks

 - Aug 27, 2018
References: eatgenuine & barmagazine
Genuine Liquorette is set to open soon in London, providing the community with an immersive, disruptive drinking experience that sets itself apart by "breaking the barrier between bartender and guest." Inspired by the rise of DIY drinks, Genuine Liquorette is styled like a corner convenience store and takes the form of a shop-bar hybrid. In this space, patrons are able to craft their own custom drinks with the aid of the bar team.

One of the signature drinks that can be enjoyed at the bar is the Cha-Chunker cocktail, which is served with a small spirit bottle on top of a soft drink can. To make this drink with maximum visual impact, the bar uses its own specially designed metal tool to widen the drink can.

Image Credit: Noah Fecks