The 'Gemini' Coffee Branding Features Endearing Graphics

 - Oct 18, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
The 'Gemini' coffee brand chose to create packaging that reflects different times of the day for its beans.

The brand offers two different flavors -- a light roast called the 'Crema Toscana Caffe' and a dark roast called 'Perfetto Toscana Caffe.' To emphasize the light and dark roasts the brand offers, it enlisted the designer Anna Chorna to create packaging that represented night and day. The resulting branding reveals packages that are either a cream color or black, all of which feature endearing illustrations that are reminiscent of various activities people partake in during the day or at night.

Most coffee brands opt for a more minimal look when creating their identities, making the 'Gemini' coffee brand stand out from its competitors.