'Geckskin' Can Secure Heavy Objects to Both Flat and Rough Surfaces

 - Apr 30, 2014
References: umass.edu & gizmag
Geckskin is a special adhesive skin that is inspired by the impressive adhesive abilities of the gecko. When it was first developed by researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Geckskin could hang objects weighing up to 700 pounds on smooth surfaces such as glass. Now, however, Geckskin has been upgraded so it can work just as well on rough and even surfaces such as wood and drywall.

Geckskin varies from other gecko-inspired adhesives in that it doesn't replicate geckos' microscopic feet hair, but instead are inspired by the reptiles' skin, bones and tendons. Geckskin employes a base layer of stiff carbon fiber with a gripping layer of soft elastomer. The elastomer conforms to the nooks and crannies of uneven surfaces, while the stiffer material provides tension. This tension keeps the elastomer from detaching.

The developers of Geckskin released a video showing them successfully using Gecksin to attach a tablet device to a variety of even and uneven surfaces.