Gallinée Offers Probiotic and Prebiotic Skincare Products

 - Oct 23, 2017
References: gallinee & elleuk
Brands and consumers have recognized the value of probiotics for years now, but the micro-organisms haven't been much of a factor in the skincare industry — that is, until brands like Gallinée came along. The UK-based cosmetics company focuses on delivering skincare products that feature probiotics and prebiotics, giving consumers all the benefits that those miraculous bacteria can provide for the skin.

In skincare, probiotics are different from the format in which most consumers might expect them. In something like yogurt or kombucha, probiotics are living bacteria, whereas in skincare products like those from Gallinée the probiotics are deactivated. Deactivated probiotics increase the shelf life and predictability of the skincare products, so consumers can be confident in the things they use on their skin.