The Futuremark VRMark Assesses PCs for VR Capabilities

 - Nov 7, 2016
References: futuremark & digitaltrends
The immersive worlds of VR are poised to take the gaming and entertainment industries by storm, and the Futuremark VRMark analysis system lets people know if their PCs can weather it.

One of the biggest challenges that VR experiences currently face is a logistical one. While designers are able to create impressive VR worlds, those worlds require blistering processing power to run, and many people's PCs can't keep up. To make VR more accessible, the Futuremark VRMark system analyzes the user's PC and tells them if their tech is capable.

Futuremark's analysis is far more advanced than a simple affirmation or negation. The program is itself a demo VR experience, taking people through two "rooms" filled with VR worlds. As the program moves through these rooms, Futuremark VRMark analyzes their hardware. If the hardware is inadequate, VRMark lets the user know which specific item should be replaced.