The Funkin Cocktail Mixers Come in Six Flavor Options

Cocktails have gained popularity amongst consumers who are looking for an alternative libation to beer, which is seeing brands respond with new products like the Funkin cocktail mixers. Each of the mixers come packaged in shaker containers that each only need to have rum, soda or gin added along with some ice before being shaken. This will create perfectly mixed cocktails every time that are likely to be well-received by those who want to create their own drinks from home without having to gather ingredients or struggle with instructions.

The Funkin cocktail mixers come in six flavor varieties including 'Espresso Martini,' 'Mojito,' 'Piña Colada,' 'Strawberry Daiquiri,' 'Passion Fruit Martini' and 'Bramble.' The cocktail products feature an 11-month shelf life and will each offer four cocktails per container.