This Fun Infographic States Bacon is the Best Gift for Dad

 - Jun 19, 2013
References: nowsourcing
This fun infographic is bacon company Oscar Mayer’s way of promoting the gift of bacon for any special holiday. The infographic includes statistics on what people usually purchase for their dads and proceeds on to pitch what people should actually be purchasing for their dads. "Ditch the tie, dad wants bacon!" says the bacon sellers.

The infographic also includes data on how dads have been reacting to conventional gifts, like ties. The statistics aren’t always completely relevant—like the fact that 25 per cent of dads think ties are the worst gifts—but this adds some sort of insight that your dad could be one of those who hate ties. Other stats like the fact that dad wants quality time with family and likes to eat out all add up to the sensible conclusion that dad wants bacon!