The Capel Sour Fresh Cocktail Mixers are Festively Labeled

The Capel Sour fresh cocktail mixers are intended to be a great way to create a drink without having to keep all the necessary ingredients on-hand. Coming in Pisco Sour, Mango Sour and Pina Colada flavor options, the Capel Sour mixers are vibrantly branded to be a welcome addition to existing bar stock.

The branding for the Capel Sour is the design work of Estudio Cielo of Chile and is accented by papercraft creations in the photography seen here. The drives home the playful, summery aesthetic that the mixers are correlated to for a truly vibrant and colorful experience.

More consumers are shifting away from traditional libations in search of more exotic flavor profiles and variety. The Capel Sour fresh cocktail mixers are an example of how the market is responding with products that are easy to use and keep on-hand for when the mood for variety strikes.