Gives Away Sponsored Tees to Young Adults

 - Apr 8, 2009
References: freefashiontees
If you love free clothes, listen up! is giving away sponsored t-shirts for free! Now before you let your imaginations begin dreaming up hidedous, over-sized promo shirts with tacky slogans, have a click through the gallery; the free fashion t-shirts are actually stylish!

With the credit crunch upon us, advertisers are watching their budgets, but so are consumers. Diana Braun’s couldn’t come at a better time. The style-savvy entreprenuer is targeting 18-35 year olds, the same demographic many hip retailers are after with their designs. Braun says her designs are similar to those by Ed Hardy and Affliction… sans the luxury price tag!

"It’s an idea I came up with after watching the rise in popularity of expensive designer t-shirt brands. Why pay $75 for a shirt that has 1,000% markup, in fact why pay for it at all?" Braun asks. "We match our members’ profiles with our advertising partners’ target market to ensure a lifestyle match and a perfect fit – no more one size fits all."

Unfortunately, the free t-shirts are only available to US citizens.

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