Foster Farms Ad Campaign to 'Say No to Plumping'

 - Aug 16, 2009
References: welikebig & saynotoplumping
Over the past several months some very clever anti-plumping TV ads, like the one in the ‘Shady Surgeon’ video above, have been aired by Foster Farms.

In addition to the television ads, the anti-plumping campaign has taken flight on Twitter (@saynotoplumping)and Facebook.

Welikesmall joined the ad blitz and with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, designed a website featuring chickens discussing the evils of plumping and a ‘plumpenator’ to calculate how many dollars per year consumers could be wasting on plumped chickens.

Simply put, plumping is the practice of injecting chickens with saltwater to increase their weight, thus their price as well as sodium content. High-sodium diets contribute to heart problems, and paying protein prices for saltwater weight is not a consumer-centric practice. Something Foster Farms doesn’t want consumers to forget.