From Artery-Clogging Confections to Deep-Fried Watermelon

 - Mar 1, 2012
Packing on the pounds isn't hard with these freaky fried foods by your side. It seems people can't resist dropping just about anything into a deep-fryer. Even the healthiest of food items aren't safe. In a world where even an innocent watermelon can be transformed into an epically caloric treat, it's clear that no waistline is safe.

From mozza stick grilled cheeses to gobs of deep fried butter, these freaky fried foods are enough to make you lick your lips and clutch your chest in agony. Even articles of clothing are getting the deep-fryer treatment, as these crispy kicks prove. Since human curiosity and gluttony knows no bounds, don't be surprised if even more outrageous fried creations crop up soon.

Ridiculously naughty and devoid of all common sense, these freaky fried foods are hard to resist and even harder to stomach.