This Effective For Rent Sign Follows People as they Walk Past

 - Aug 14, 2013
References: niklasroy &
With so many storefronts sporting it, it is easy to walk past a For Rent sign without even noticing it. Desiring to address this challenge and make you look, Niklas Roy installed a predatory version of the sign that instantly grabs people's attention.

As a pedestrian walks by, typically ignoring the bright red retail sign, it starts to follow them along the storefront window. This unusual behavior for a generally inanimate object serves to pique people's curiosity and make them do a double-take. Proving that interactive displays are more effective, the video demonstrates how people find the storefront much more interesting, even though there is nothing on display.

Using computer-based software, cameras sensed when someone walked passed and the For Rent sign followed suite, becoming much more noticeable than before.