10 Foods Iconic of Different Regions of the World

 - Feb 17, 2009
References: epicurious
Here are 10 of the most iconic dishes from around the world. As a native Montrealer, I am not surprised to see our famous maple sugar pie. Yummy! As for the United Kingdom’s Spotted Dick, that’s a new one for me, I learn something new everyday, I will surely try it when I visit England. You can see 80 recipes from around the globe at epicurious.com

1. France: Grand Marnier Soufflés

2. Ireland: Soda Bread

3. U.S.A.: Andouille Gumbo

4. Malaysia: Malaysian Chicken Curry

5. Canada: Maple Sugar Pie

6. Korea: Beef Bulgogi

7. United Kingdom: Spotted Dick

8. Japan: Tuna Maki

9. Australia: Pavlova

10. Hungary: Goulash

Make a point of trying something new to eat this week, I sure will.