These Food Pun Greeting Cards from Greet ‘N’ Potatoes are Witty

Foodie culture has expanded in a number of different ways, and these Food Pun Greeting Cards are an example of how people are taking their love for food to their loved one in a humorous way.

Created by Brooklyn-based Greet ‘N’ Potatoes, the Food Pun Greeting Cards feature a variety of deliciously witty ways to send regards, love or seasons greetings without having to worry about thinking up a great one-liner yourself. What's best, the Food Pun Greeting Cards help to support Merrily Grashin who's the artist behind the adorable Greet ‘N’ Potatoes brand.

Aside from offering hilariously honest cards for consumers, Greet ‘N’ Potatoes is also aimed at delivering a more eco-friendly product, which means it's a more sustainable choice instead of picking up a design from a big box retailer.