The FLYBi Drone is Controlled by Wearable Glasses and Real-Time Video

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: gizmag & gizmag
The FLYBi drone is a unique drone flying robot that is controlled through a wearable set of glasses. The augmented system actually allows each user to control and direct their drone using physical head gestures.

The glasses are connected to the FLYBi drone through real-time cameras that show the user exactly what the drone is seeing. By providing a bird's eye view of any area, the system allows users to gain a full experiential understanding of how the world looks from above. Additionally, the person wearing the glasses is able to decide where the drone should go next with the help of real-time reception videos.

This exciting addition in the advancement of drones can be used for many tasks that extend beyond personal pleasure. For example, this drone can actually be used for surveillance and direction assistance.