Camilla Carlow's Flower Art is Made After Parts of the Human Body

 - Dec 10, 2013
References: canimate.wordpress & designboom
This flower art series by Camilla Carlow shapes flowers into human organs, expressing just how beautiful and fragile these parts of the body are.

Plants with similar qualities as the parts of the body they represent are used, like flowers with tons of offshoots, used to mimic the mammory glands. Carlow’s ‘Eye Heart and Spleen’ sculptures include everything from lungs to eyeballs and testicles, but because they are made up of flowers instead of represented as they truly are, the works have an ethereal dream-like quality to them.

Carlow’s series has been on display at the Fromeshaw Gallery in the Frenchay hospital and now, prints of these pieces of flower art are available for purchase in the ‘Eye Heart Spleen’ Etsy shop. This is a wonderful way to preserve these art pieces, since the flowers, much like the organs they represent will not last forever. Photo Credits: designboom, canimate.wordpress