AirBerlin's Exquisite Program Lets Travelers Bid for Flight Upgrades

 - Feb 3, 2015
References: airberlin & luxuo
In order to give travelers a business class experience for the price of an economy ticket, AirBerlin is launching a fun flight upgrade program called Exquisite.

With Exquisite, travelers holding economy class tickets are able to state how much they are willing to pay for a seat upgrade, which will then go to the highest bidder. These changes happen 12 hours before departure, so that there isn't a last minute scramble happening. This is a clever way to create an easy in to the business class section, give travelers a taste of the kind of service they'll get by upgrading their seats, while freeing up more economy seats. AirBerlin's Exquisite service is new to long-haul flights and requires all travelers to enter credit card information at the time of bidding, although only winners are charged when the auction has come to a close.